r/leicaphoto #2

A brilliant shot by Detroit street photographer Andy Shields.

r/leicaphotos #1

You gotta see this. Perfect photograph by Ryan Farmer. Stunning at a glance. Then factor in that it was made whilst barreling downhill on a skateboard just like his subject, in a full facemask. Then factor on top of that he was shooting with a 1936 Leica screwmount camera.

Please support this Lego Ideas project

Lego Ideas member Pandis Pandus has done a brilliant job of executing a highly detailed and visually delightful Leica IIIf (1950). Please support this project (at no cost to you) so that it can become a real Lego kit!

Merging the inseparable

The Mandolin and The Old Guitarist (double exposure) / 2020

This is a double exposure of two pieces that have hung side by side in every home my parents ever lived in and are, in my mind, inseparable.

Shut Up & Listen

In the Summer of 2019, the owner of my childhood home launched Shut Up & Listen, an annual concert series featuring some of Minnesota’s best folk, blues, and country musicians. I have been fortunate enough to document this beautiful phenomena each year in photographs.

Phychedelic Minneapolis

Nine stories up, Nicollet Avenue

When the original iPhone 1 I bought in 2007 finally died in 2013, my brother Casey gave me another. By then a functioning iPhone 1 was rare, but this particular one was exceedingly so.

r/photocritique #1

This shot by James Clinton has a lot going for it: lineplay, black vs white fight, balance of forms, the decisive moment, and luck.

Hello World

I’ve not had a text blog until now and I’m not yet completely certain what I’ll use this space for. I’ve photoblogged for years, but never yakety-yakked about my pictures or the making of them. Not on the web at least (though if you put a quarter in me I’ll talk about photography for hours or until you smack me with something). This could be a place to talk about the various tools I use and how I use them.

More importantly, I also plan to use this space to point out other people’s photography.