Journal 2022
Cora Noyes on the road / 2022
Thomas Beach at dusk (Lake Bde Maka Ska, Minneapolis MN) / 2022
David Noyes showing me his stamp collection / 2022
Probably an eagle / 2022
Ophelia in her backyard (St. Francis MN) / 2020
Riverside Plaza, Minneapolis MN / 2022
Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices (The Fine Line, Minneapolis MN) / 2022
Adam and Jillian
Raziel and Larry Goose / 2022
Jack Jack Parr / 2022
Blank mask (Prior Lake MN) / 2022
Planted flag (near Becker MN) / 2022
Dani Aubert of Fellow Pynins / 2022
Foshay Tower reflected (Downtown Minneapolis MN) / 2022
Fr. Chalie Lachowitzer, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis (Brooklyn Park MN) / 2022
Blood on the pavement (Downtown Minneapolis MN) / 2022
Multifoods Tower (Downtown Minneapolis MN) / 2022
Aerial Powers, Forward/Guard for the Minnesota Lynx / 2022
Lady Liberty / 2022
Sparking up in the backseat (I35 North to Duluth MN) / 2022
Vince riding the Blue Line / 2022
Jason mimicking me (click!) / 2022
Brandon and Sarah (outside Bozeman MT) / 2022
Uriel shooting me shooting him (Belgrade MT) / 2022
Jason twirling in the curtain (Belgrade MT) / 2022
Saddle Peak (east of Bozeman MT) / 2022
Karl Noyes (Prior Lake MN) / 2022
Karl Noyes (Prior Lake MN) / 2022
Casey arrives at this son's graduation from Summit Academy (Minneapolis MN) / 2022
Islamic Republic’s emblem crossed off the Iranian flag in protest of the Khamenei regime’s torture and murder of Mahsa Amini (Minneapolis MN) / September 24th, 2022
Fary Kowsari decries the torture and killings of Dr. Ayda Rostami and Majidreza Rahnavard (Downtown Minneapolis MN) / 2022
Alan Sparhawk performing with Derecho at the Icehouse (Whittier, Minneapolis MN) / 2022
Karl incognito (Prior Lake MN) / 2022
Sunset ricochet / 2022
Leaves on the wind (Prior Lake MN) / 2022
Emily and Oslan (Duluth MN) / 2022
Poster (Roseville MN) / 2022
Shut Up & Listen 2022: Drew Peterson
Isanti Spirits Owner Rick Schnieder warms up Drew's audience
Barrel of Rye, stage furniture
Applause for Rick
Background vocalists
Drew takes the stage at dusk
Drew performing "Selma"
One more song as it begins to rain
The weather moves the show into the distillery
Drew's not sure what to play next
The show goes on
Drew Peterson
Drew Peterson
Drew Peterson
Rick Schieder surveys the scene
The road home
Cora M. Noyes (1948-2022)
Shut Up & Listen 2022: Brothers in the Mud
Arriving at Isanti Spirits
Tom Feldmann of Brothers in the Mud
Noah Levy (the guy with the tattoo) of Brothers in the Mud greets a newcomer
Owner Rick Schnieder opens for them
Tom Feldmann talks about playing blues
Brother in the Mud onstage
Tom Feldmann
Tom Feldmann
Noah Levy
Tom Feldmann
Blues and porchlight
Crescent moon rising
Now where did we park?
The road home
LOW onstage at the 400 Bar, Minneapolis MN
Alan Sparhawk
Mimi Parker
Zak Sally
Alan and Mim
12-string Eko Acoustic
Alan Sparhawk
Mimi Parker
Zak Sally
Shut Up & Listen 2022: Mike Munson and Mikkel Beckmen
Isanti County out the passenger window
Arriving at Isanti Spirits
Owner Rick Schnieder
Rick warms up the crowd
Back yard
Rick playing a Greg Brown song
You don't say?
Rick finishing his set
Singer and songwriter Mike Munson
Mikkel Beckmen and Mike soundchecking
Percussionist Mikkel Beckmen
Mike Muson
Mike's Jerry Jones Neptune 6-string
Taking a break
Sunbeam cutting through
Their second set begins
This one's called the Panthercaster
Mike and Mikkel
The road home
Shut Up & Listen 2022: MoeDeLL and Sarah Morris
Greeting old friends
Isanti Spirits ownder Rick Schnieder greets the crowd...
...from his front porch...
...and sings a song or three
Singer and songwriter MoeDeLL
Moe starts off with "Cold Side of the Pillow"
Chris O'Brien
Storm damage out back
Sarah Morris takes the stage
Dancing in the driveway
Sarah plays into dusk
The road home
Shut Up & Listen 2022: Corpse Reviver
Mikkel Beckmen chats before the show
Isanti Spirits Owner and MC Rick Schnieder introduces the band
Corpse Reviver is: Singer Adam Kiesling on guitar and banjo
Singer Jillian Rae on violin
Percussionist Mikkel Beckmen on the washing machine
Adam and Jillian
Corpse Reviver
Adam and Jillian
Adam and Jillian
The road home
Orchard Trail Park
Shut Up & Listen 2022: Fellow Pynins
Dani tuning up
Ian talking with Isanti Spirits owner Rick Schneider
Rick introducing Fellow Pynins
The show begins
Dani Aubert
Ian George
Meanwhile, out the west window
The evening's setlist
The road home