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I am a documentary photographer at large in Minnesota. Since 2003, I have been shooting ideas – be they street, landscape, portrait or music scene ideas with the goal of photojournaling and creating subject-specific essays, which I post here: “my diary that I let people read” to quote Nan Goldin, whose incredible, very personal work drove me to start doing this all those years ago. I am one of the thousands of photographers that she spawned with her brazen reportage. I had deep-seated demons and seeing her exorcising her own with her eye for all to see granted me permission to do likewise. A decade of shooting publicly posted messages to myself pulled me out the fire and creative inertia has kept me going ever since.

The main reason I photograph a subject is because I want to see what it looks like photographed. Simple as that. However, my unconscious often has reasons it keeps to itself and that synergy makes for a healthy relationship between inner me, my eye, and my surroundings.

After a three year break, this web site reappeared in the fall of 2021 and grows every day. I am always developing a new slideshow to add from my back catalog, and each morning I post more polaroids to the wall or add an entry to the ongoing photo journal. Sometimes these photographs are very recent, sometimes they are from years ago. I post what’s on my mind.

Again, thank you for visiting.

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