Psychedelic Minneapolis (Series 4)
Looking east up South 3rd Street
12th Street passerby
Corner of Third Avenue and 5th Street
2nd Street, Northeast Minneapolis
Loitering on 12th Street
Utility box Picasso, 15th and Nicollet Avenue
Hennepin Avenue and 8th Street
Hennepipn Avenue and 4th Street
Washington and Marquette Avenue
12th and La Salle Avenue
Nicollet Avenue and 5th Street
La Salle Avenue and 12th Street
Second Avenue and 4th Street
1200 on the Mall
Hennepin Avenue and North 1st Street
6th Street and Second Avenue, Northeast Minneapolis
4th Street and Third Avenue South
Beacon (by Janet Lofquist), 16th Street and Third Avenue South
First Avenue & 7th Street Entry
Cutting across Nicollet Avenue and 15th Street