Psychedelic Minneapolis (Series 1)
Nine stories up
Northbound 35W approaching downtown
Hoodie, 3rd Avenue and 4th Street
Nye's Bar, North Minneapolis
Passerby, 4th Street and Nicollet Avenue
Traffic, Nicollet Avenue
Loiterer, 3rd Avenue
Dylan mural, Hennepin Avenue and 5th Street
Right turn signal, 1st Street and Hennepin Avenue
Runner, Nicollet Avenue
Scudding clouds, North Minneapolis
The view from 3rd Street
The Loring 100, Nicollet Avenue
Passerby, Nicollet Avenue and 5th Street
Downpour, Hennepin Avenue and 12th Street
Sidewalk tree seen from within a bus shelter
Crossing, Hennepin Avenue
The view from Washington Avenue
The Millennium Hotel, Nicollet Avenue
Tree, North Minneapolis