Purse Snatcher


September 22, 2007

Franklin Avenue, Seward Neighborhood, Minneapolis

It happened sudddenly right in front of me while I was out on a photo walk. He shoved her to the sidewalk and they wrestled for her purse. She clung tight and I approached as I photographed them shouting that I was calling the cops. He turned toward me startled then gave her bag two more hard yanks before fleeing empty-handed into the busy street, almost getting hit by honking cars. I helped her up and over to a nearby gas station payphone. Once the call was made I sat with her while she waited for the police. Her name is Patricia Yellow Hammer. She was shook up but uninjured save for a scuffed thumb. To pass the time and take her mind off her troubles we had fun making some pictures of random people, and by the time the cops arrived she had her smile back.

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